About LeadVibe

Welcome to LeadVibe. LeadVibe was founded in 2006 with the purpose of generating the highest quality leads! That is it. Simple but hard to find. The founders of LeadVibe have spent over 25 years in the marketing industry and have seen their share of questionable marketing firms. LeadVibe’s goal is to offer genuinely interested, actual qualified consumers, real time. That simple. We have developed a marketing platform that does just that.

With LeadVibe’s marketing platform (our Pricepoint system) lead buyers now have a central location where they can purchase qualified leads from multiple sources without the fear of fraud or of paying too much for poor quality leads.

At LeadVibe we understand how important marketing is to your business. With that understanding that our clients require the best possible leads to be successful. We look at every lead as if we were the company at the end of the sales chain. Bottom line we understand that quality, contractibility, and overall conversion are at the utmost importance.

LeadVibe has more than 25 years of Internet Marketing experience. Prior to founding LeadVibe, executives ran technology and business positions at leading affiliate marketplaces, lead origination companies, Financial Service companies and Internet consulting firms.