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LeadVibe’s analysis of the Debt Loan Market

The below chart shows the trend of household debt as a share of national income from 1963-today. Note the left side of the chart —as the debt ratio did not increase until the late 1960s. It then started upward, slowly - and then took off like a rocket - to new all time highs today. Debt has risen at rates much faster than growth of the economy, suggesting an economy which is more and more household debt driven. If today's debt ratio (122% of net national income per this chart) had been the same as in the earlier years on this chart, the chart's curve would be horizontal instead of soaring upwards, and then today's debt in dollars would have been $8.2 Trillion less than it was in 2006. In other words, 2006 household debt would have been $4.6 Trillion —not the $12.8 Trillion that did occur.


Today's level of household debt of $12.8 trillion, up 1 trillion over the prior year, is equivalent to $42,748 per person - a new record. Equivalent to $170,992 per family of 4.

Credit Cards > A massive 42% of Americans are making just minimum payments or no payments on their credit card balances, according to the Cambridge Consumer Credit Index in March 2004. Of those respondents surveyed with revolving balances on their credit cards, 39% made only the minimum payment due and 3% made no payments at all last month. Another 39% paid less than half the balance owed but more than the minimum, while 19% paid more than half their balances.


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